About Us

Ocrej General Business is a consulting and settlement services provider. 

We provide in depth product and market research and analysis. Our consultants assist qualified candidates to apply and gain admission to high schools, colleges and universities (for undergraduate, post-graduate and masters’ degree) in Canada.

With over three years experience working with various consultants and applicants, Ocrej General Business has successfully obtained admissions for several students for universities and colleges in Canada; majority of our clients have completed their studies, working in multinational corporations and government agencies, and some have either become permanent residents or looking forward to obtaining their permanent residencies. 

We will work with you based on your interest and budget to assist you find the right fit and of course guide you through the visa application processes laid down by our consultants. 

We are aware that moving from one country to another comes with mixed feelings; confusion, anxiety, the thought of missing loved ones, culture shock, success expectations etc., which could lead to stress. With Ocrej Settlement Services, you are guaranteed a smooth transition to Canada. 

Please give us a call today, a trial will convince you, and you will be glad you did.